We think a poisoned creature, perhaps a ground squirrel, crawled onto our
property to die and Justice found him.  Varmint poisons used to be insufficient to
kill a predator but the varmints have become somewhat immune to the poisons
so manufacturers have increased the lethality.  We urge that you be very careful
with or even abstain from using these poisons as their unintended
consequences can be awful.
Champion Silverado Brown Sugar
December 16 2006 - March 19 2012

He was the dog we were not supposed to get, and yet he filled our hearts with a
love and understanding beyond what we expected or deserved.  The last five
years of our life were special because of this gift.  He was one of a kind, never
to be replaced by any born or
yet to be born!  We are wallowing in our many memories and still some days a bit
crying.  We miss him so very much, but are so very grateful for the
gift of his time with us.   

We just want to emphasize that he was more than a pet, he was a part of our
daily lives, sharing our couch with his head in our laps, and at night he slept on
our bed with his head literally on our shoulders.  He shared our days giving us
love and attention.  His beautiful big eyes followed us everywhere and the wag
of his tail expressed his joy at
being beside us. He is irreplaceable.  

Schatzili epitomized love, not only of us but all of our friends.   Loved company
and especially going out for lunch.   He was a happy dog.  Intelligent as to
responsibilities, knew our ups and downs. Always happy to go on a walk, he
would do a little dance
when we said "walk".  A walk was an adventure and all the neighborhood loved

Our best friend.
2006 - 2015
Our wonderful stay & birthday celebration at Alex' & Sharon's ranch for Dashielle, Gianni & Envy
was overshadowed by the tragic loss of Ruby. Ruby succumbed to renal failure the day after we left.
We are so thankful that we got to spend her last days on earth with Ruby & that she got to see her extended family.

Ruby, GCH Silverado Ruby Tuesday, was our first Grand Champion & our girl Jade's sister.

Ruby was an amazing show dog amassing many breed wins but most of all she was the adored &
beloved companion to Alex & Sharon & treated like the queen she was every day of her life

There will never be another like her; he will be missed & treasured forever...
CH Silverado Diamond MK Armani
2005 - 2015

Jake's family is suffering his recent loss & there was no better family dog than Jake. Jake was so loving & gentle with the girls as they grew &
was a huge part of their life.  The girls absolutely adored him & often drew pictures & wrote stories about him.

He was the perfect older brother toRaven, Silverado VooDoo Doll.  Jake was a very special dog with a big heart & a comedian, always making
people laugh.   Loving family member, show dog, running partner...Adored by so many
Jake will be loved always & missed everyday...

Silverado Diamond MK Hermes
2005 - 2015

Dashiell lost his courageous struggle with cancer on Saturday, June 13, 2015. There
was no sweeter, friendlier dog on the planet than Dash. He loved absolutely everyone
he met human & canine alike. He loved coming to dog shows to support sister Ruby &
to meet as many people as he could.

Dash made the transition from city dog to ranch dog last year & loved following Dad
around the land while he worked.

He was a snuggle bug too & loved lounging in bed with Mom in the morning.

The world is a sadder place without his generous soul.
CH Silverado Midnight Rambler
December 16, 2006-September 26 2015

We are sad to announce the passing of a Silverado Family member &
beloved companion to Lisa & Jesse.

Bison was a gorgeous boy who finished in just 7 shows. He loved everyone
he met. We traveled with him to Washington for our National Specialty & he
was a joy to be with. The world is a sadder place today.

"You were the best backpacking buddy and telemark skiing partner a girl
could ask for. You cleaned the kitchen floor every night after the kids
tossed their crumbs in every direction. You made me feel safe when I was
running solo through the woods, and when I was home alone on those dark
lonely nights. You would faithfully crawl through miles of dense manzanita to
be at my side, and swim across vast open water to be my trustworthy omega.
You were my first baby. I hope you're finally at peace and may your insides
be calm and zen. I'm just sorry it was only so short. Please know that we will
never forget you."...Mom Lisa
Renaissance Enzo Palladio
May 13, 2008 - November 28, 2016

Ravi, Mandy and I are sad to report the passing of our beloved Enzo. He took acutely ill
but hung in there for 2 weeks until we returned from New Zealand to bid us goodbye.
We are still struggling with the suddenness of his passing and miss him greatly.

Enzo was regal and majestic, a big boy who did not know his own size. He was
gentlemanly in his deportment, yet not above stealing a bite when he could. We will
miss his welcoming stance when we return from work and the silly games that he had
invented with his toys and bones. He made everyone who met him feel special and we
are inundated by the sympathy and shared grief from all who came in contact with him.
He was amazing in his empathy if one of us was physically or mentally out of sorts, and
would not leave our side until we felt better. His elegant build, prancing gait and lovely
eyes fetched instant admiration from strangers and passersby, and he returned their
attention with a genuine response that made them feel special.

We struggle with his loss but are grateful for the eight years we had with him. It was
filled with grace and joy, fun and frolic, action and a cozy calm. We will miss him always.
CH Silverado Dixie Chick
April 23, 2002- April 18, 2017

Jessee was a true family dog in every sense of the word. She
took her companion dog duties very seriously, putting her
beloved Ethan to bed every nite & staying with him until he fell
asleep. Jessee was the epitome of the faithful, velcro dog &
shadowed her Dad while he worked in his office, either lying at
his feet or sharing his office chair. Jessee was full of energy &
when she was 2 days old, she was already running laps around
the whelping box! A beautiful mover, with great flair, she finished
her Championship easily.

Run free Sweet Jessee & find your Mom, Destinee & Sister
You are all missed every day.
CH Silverado Gianni Versace RE OAP OJP CGC
4/23/05 - 8/5/17

We lost our beautiful Gianni last week. He
spent 10 years delighting us and the last 2
enriching the lives of our dear friends Sharon
& Alex. He sired 17 pups & 19 grand pups all of
whom inherited his wonderful spirit. Shiffra
said it best; 'The World is a less happy place
without Gianni'. Here he is from a photo shoot
for a Macy's ad campaign.
We lost our sweet Candy,
McKenzee’s Puppy, at just
2 days old to pneumonia.  
Our dear friends Barbara
& John made a generous
donation to Nor Cal Weim
Rescue in her memory.
We miss our beloved Envy, CH Silverado Dolce&Gabana
Envious RE CGC & cherish the legacy she gave us,
Audrey, INT'L
& AM CH Silverado Glamorous & Raven, Silverado VooDoo Doll from
her first litter. Her litter of beautiful boys produced our own Sean, INT'L
CH Silverado Diamond Dog AXP AJP NW1 CGC, Grant, INT'L & AM CH
Silverado Major Tom & Wrigley, Silverado Young American.

Envy was a Rally Superstar & earned her Rally Excellent title at the
Weimaraner Club of America National Specialty. She was also my
inspiration for several popular Live Auction photos at the Weim
Country Gala.

There was never another sweeter spirit than Envy...
Missed everyday by Sharon & Alex.